Annapolis GO Affordable On-Demand Rideshare in Annapolis, MD

Get around Albemarle County fare free with MicroCAT.

Annapolis GO On-Demand Rideshare Service New Affordable Public Transit System in Maryland

Access shopping, work & more in the Pantops & US-29 Corridor areas at the tap of a button! 

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All MicroCAT rides are FARE-FREE!

As efficient as a bus, as convenient as a taxi.

Get on-demand, convenient and affordable rides in Pantops and the US-29 Corridor area.

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MicroCAT is an on-demand public rideshare service. When you’re ready to go, book a shared ride straight from your phone and get picked up in a sleek, comfortable vehicle. Commute, run errands, or get just about anywhere you need without breaking the bank.



All MicroCAT rides are fare-free.


Service hours: 

Monday to Saturday 6:30am - 9pm 



Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.

How to ride MicroCAT

3 easy steps to get on board in no time.

1. Create an account

2. Book a ride.

3. Meet your driver.

Download the MicroCAT app from your preferred app store and follow the simple signup steps.

Enter your pickup and dropoff address. Choose the ride that works for you by tapping Book This Ride.  

Check the app to see your designated pickup point. It may be a short walk away, but it helps to cut down on detours and make your journey faster!

*Tap the accessibility icon in your profile to be able to request wheelchair vehicles.

No smartphone?Book a ride by calling 434-442-2466.

Take your first ride today.

Any questions? Email us at

Want to drive for us?

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