Ride for less with GoZone.

Share the ride and save big with GoZone, DCTA's on demand public transportation rideshare service.

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"GoZone provides me with a way to get around Denton and Lewisville without having to drive."

– Paul, GoZone rider

Like a shared taxi, but better.

Get on-demand, convenient and affordable rides in Denton, Highland Village, Lewisville and Castle Hills, plus access Frankford Station and Trinity Mills Station.

GoZone is Denton County's on-demand transportation service. When you’re ready to go, book a shared ride straight from your phone and get picked up in a sleek, comfortable vehicle and be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. Commute, explore the sights, or get just about anywhere you need without breaking the bank.


GoZone Service hours:

Monday to Thursday 5am - 10pm, Friday and Saturday 5am - 11pm, travel within one designated zone only.

Sunday and holidays 8am - 6pm, travel between all zones and the DART Trinity Mills Station.

Lewisville/Highland Village Commuter Extension

Allows you to travel between the DART Frankford Station, Lewisville/Highland Village GoZone and Business 121 GoZone: Monday to Thursday 5am - 10pm, Friday 5am - 11pm

Guaranteed Ride Home

Allows you to travel from the DART Trinity Mills Station to any one destination in any of the GoZones: Monday to Thursday 10pm - 1am, Friday and Saturday 11pm - 2am.


Price (as of Jan. 1, 2023)

$1.50 per rider including additional riders.

Denton zone trips over 4 miles will incur an additional $0.50 charge per mile up to maximum fare of $5.

DCTA pass available for riders with reduced-fare qualifications, and riders in Non-Profit, Social Services, and Employee Pass Programs.


Easy ways to pay:

Credit or debit card, exact cash onboard.

DCTA pass, DART or Trinity Metro Regional Pass



Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.

How to ride GoZone.

3 easy steps to get on board in no time.

1. Create an account

2. Book a ride.

3. Meet your driver.

Download the GoZone app from your preferred app store and follow the simple signup steps.

Enter your pickup and dropoff address and if you need a bike rack.  Choose the ride that works for you by tapping Book This Ride.  

Check out the app to find out exactly where to meet the vehicle. It may be a short walk from where you are, but it makes the journey faster.

*Tap the accessibility icon in your profile to be able to request wheelchair vehicles.

No smartphone? No problem!Book a ride by calling 940-243-0077.

Take your first ride today.

Any questions? Call us at 940-243-0077 or email us at gozone@dcta.net

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