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Public Transit Meets Rideshare with Birmingham On Demand To Get Around For Less

Ride for less with Birmingham On-Demand.

Get Around Birmingham Alabama In Comfort

Convenient, reliable, shared rides for Birmingham's downtown, airport, and East Side areas for $1.50 or less – every day.

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Affordable RIdeshare in Birmingham Alabama


"Right at your fingertips and just minutes away. It’s been a great experience and has changed my life for the better."

– Jeremy McNair, Birmingham On-Demand rider

Like a rideshare, but better.

Get on-demand, convenient and affordable rides to work, school, entertainment, health, government and many more services in two convenient areas in Birmingham, AL – City Center and the East Side & Airport Zone. 

Affordable public transit rideshare service in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham On-Demand is the city’s on-demand transportation service. When you’re ready to go, simply book a ride within either the City Center Zone or the East Side & Airport Zone and we'll get you there with ease. Commute, explore the sights, or get just about anywhere you need without breaking the bank.



$1.50 per ride.

Additional passengers ride for only $0.75 each.


Service hours: 

City Center

Monday to Friday 6am - 11pm 

Saturday 10am - 11pm

Nighttime Zone available from 7pm - 11pm

East Side & Airport

Monday to Saturday 5am - 9pm


Easy ways to pay:

Credit or debit card only.



Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.*

How to ride Birmingham On-Demand

3 easy steps to get on board in no time.

Convenient Rideshare Service in Birmingham
Birmingham On Demand is the city's affordable rideshare
Download the Birmingham On Demand App To Get Around the City

1. Create an account

2. Book a ride.

3. Meet your driver.

Download the Birmingham On-Demand app from your app store and follow the simple signup steps.

Enter your pickup and dropoff address.  Choose the ride that works for you by tapping Book This Ride.  

Check the app to see your designated pickup point. It may be a short walk away, but it helps to cut down on detours and make your journey faster!

*Tap the accessibility icon in your profile to be able to request wheelchair vehicles.

No smartphone?Book a ride by calling 205-236-0768.

Take your first ride today.

Any questions? Email us at

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Affordable Rideshare in Birmingham

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